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Acupuncture that Nourishes You From The Root

Working with Acupuncture in a holistic approach seeing the whole person, using Modern and Classic Acupuncture styles focusing on the treatment of Acute and Chronic Pain and the treatment of Older Adults, Women’s Health, Men’s Health and Stress Reduction.

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High Potency Approach

The Treatment of “Toxic” Surgical Scars or Areas of Low Grade Inflammation in the body

Any surgical scar old or new can potentially still be “Active” and create different issues in your body, from chronic low grade inflammation to interfering with your bio-mechanical system through adhesions or through limited “electric conductivity” of the scar tissue with its adjacent tissue.

If your conditions does not respond well to treatment and if you had a surgical procedure done in the past it is worth while to see if the scar is still “Active” and interfering with the ability of your body to heal.

Using Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture we can recognize and treat areas in your body that are still creating a “Drag” on your system or are creating low grade Inflammation – for example: Low Grade Tooth Infection, Low Grade Sinus Infection and Allergies.

The treatment of “Active Scars” is done locally when they the scar is relatively more external using gentle insertion of acupuncture needles around the boundary of the scar or for more internal scars such as (Tonsillectomy, Endometriosis, Gynecological … ) through using reflex points on the ear that represent the location of the scar on the body.

Read More – Article about “Toxic” Scar treatment.

Common Questions!

Will my insurance cover Acupuncture?

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine have been regulated in Ontario since April 2013. The regulating Body is: The College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO). Nir is a member of the CTCMPAO since 2013.

Since Acupuncture has been regulated in Ontario, acupuncture has become more recognized by private insurances and more recognized as an effective health modality by the public. If you have a private insurance there is a good chance that acupuncture that is preformed by an acupuncturist is covered by your insurance.

Dry Needling Vs Acupuncture:

Dry needling is a simplified form of acupuncture that is practiced mostly by practitioners that are not Acupuncturists (Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists), this form of needling utilizes local needle techniques to relax tight muscles, trigger points, reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to the area of symptoms; while this form of needle techniques might be effective for local pain and inflammation it does not utilize the theory of Chinese Medicine and its holistic approach to health.

When acupuncture is preformed by and acupuncturist ( That has usually studied a minimum of 2400 Hrs of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Theory and Practice) the symptoms are viewed withing the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( and it’s vast body of knowledge and clinical experience ).

in addition some acupuncturist may choose to use family styles of acupuncture that have been past for generations and some acupuncturists may use more modern styles of acupuncture that still work withing the holistic context and body of work of Chinese Medicine.

In his practice Nir combines the use of older acupuncture styles and newer ones, some styles work with the scientific concept of Neuropathic Pain which describes how Chronic Pain is actually maintained in the brain and spinal chord and therefore using local acupuncture techniques might be less effective than using distal needle techniques.

When receiving acupuncture by an acupuncturist there is a systemic response to the treatment; the whole body starts to normalize including the area where the symptoms are located, which leads to a sustainable reduction in symptoms. In my experience treating the whole body systemically while having the symptoms in mind potentially gives a more lasting effect.

Why do I need a treatment plan?

In my experience as an acupuncturist, especially when treating Chronic Pain and other Chronic Health conditions, there should be a realistic consistency and frequency of treatments.

For example: if you have a Chronic Issue in your lower back, depending on the severity of the issue (Herniated disc vs just muscle tightness), you are looking at coming in for a 1Hr session every week for 6-10 session. Sometimes when the issue is more complicated the ideal frequency of sessions might be twice a week for a few weeks, It all depends on how you are responding to the treatment! In neurological conditions (such as post stroke patients) twice a week is required.


If you would like to know if acupuncture can help your conditions try it for at least Three times!

After Three sessions there should be some improvement in your symptoms but for a more substantial reduction of Chronic Pain Symptoms you will probably need get a treatment once a week for a while.

Acupuncture is very good in changing how you brain looks at a Painful area. Many times Chronic Pain is maintained in the Brain and Spinal Chord (Neuropathic Pain). Acupuncture can create substantial changes in your body when getting regular treatments. for example, acupuncture can change the way your brain looks at an area of your body in relation to pain. It can reduce the inflammation in your body systemically and locally, It can the way your internal organs are innervated by your nervous system and it can release holding patterns that are maintain in your body (and that might have caused a weakness that have created your symptom); to create these changes in your body it takes regular treatment and this is necessary especially when there is a chronic issue.

With repetition your brain will use its ability to change and release holding patterns in different areas in your body (using it’s neuroplasticity; the ability to re-wire itself neurologically). According to my experience as an acupuncturist this is the reality of this medicine, it can take time to heal from Chronic Pain!

Sometimes Acupuncture can only take you so far and then you will need to look for other natural modalities that might help as as : Osteopathy, Naturopatic Medicine, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Medicine or ever surgery (In case of Chronic Pain). It is best to try Natural Medicine before you try surgical intervention but each case is different.

What are the different styles of acupuncture for?

Each acupuncture Style had different strengths, the more styles your practitioner knows the more flexibility he has in his practice. All the styles of acupuncture should make sense in the context of the Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, so they may be combined while striving for similar effect.

There is a concept in Asian Medicine that states: “Treatment is Diagnosis and Diagnosis is Treatment”, which means that we may have the theory of how you should be responding to the treatments but everyone is different. Acupuncture is a Natural Medicine that works with your nervous system to self regulate your body and everyone responds differently to the treatment. Also you might be responding to one style of acupuncture better or you might be responding to one approach differently than to another. Sometimes it is necessary to combine approaches and Acupuncture styles to achieve a sustainable reduction in symptoms.

For example: I have a client with an inflamed knee (a Meniscus Tear that is not ‘severe’ enough to operate on) and only by combining YNSA Scalp acupuncture + The Balance method Acupuncture style + Master Dong Acupuncture style (family style) + Local Needles (in the knee); we managed to get a reduction of the symptoms and inflammation in the knee.

How Can We Help?

Women’s Health 848×565

Women's Health

Helping regulate your Menstrual Cycle, Menopause, Hormonal Issues, supporting you in your Pregnancy and Fertility and helping you to enhance your Mood. 

Lower Back Pain – Female

Pain & Structural Conditions

Helping you with your Chronic or Acute Pain, supporting you to quickly recover from an injury and return to activity. Helping to keep you loose to prevent future injuries.

Seniors Size Change

Senior's Health

Using Gentle Techniques to keep you Healthy and Active in your golden age, maintaining Health and Managing Old Injuries or Chronic Conditions.

Kitchener Acupuncture, Stratford Acupuncture, Lower Back, Neck And Shoulders, Cardiac Health, Blood Pressure And Sleep.

Men's Health

Supporting you in your health goals & helping you stay fit and active. Helping your Lower Back, Neck and Shoulders to stay loose and have full range of motion, supporting your Cardiac Health, Blood Pressure and Sleep.

Who Are We?

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Nir is an experienced Acupuncturist which uses different styles of acupuncture to support you in achieving your Health Goals, experiencing a Stress Free Body and a Sense of Well Being.

Nir practices from Kitchener, Stratford and New-Hamburg Ontario, he focuses on the treatment of Pain, Neurological Conditions, Structural Conditions, Women’s Health (Hormonal Issues, Menopause symptoms, Insomnia…), certain Men’s Health Issues (Prostate, High Blood Pressure, Lower Back Pain…) and the treatment of older adults.

Nir has been practicing Acupuncture for Eight years and he uses a few styles of acupuncture according to the condition of the patient.

When treating Pain, Nir works with the concept of ‘Neuropathic Pain‘ which explains how chronic pain is actually ‘maintained in our spine and Brain’ and that is why Nir is a strong believer of Distal Acupuncture techniques which emphasized the treatment of pain (and other conditions) through different areas of the body that can affect the brain and nervous system in order to ‘correct and normalize’ the way the body ‘views’ and ‘innervates’ the symptom area. 

Using these distal acupuncture techniques can reduce pain and symptoms and can facilitates normalization of different areas in the body and support it’s ability to self heal.

When receiving an acupuncture treatment it is very common to feel a Sense of Peace and Calmness. When you feel calm it is easier for your body to go into ‘Healing Mode’, to release and to create lasting changes that promote Health, Vitality and benefit Structural Alignment.

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Locations & Times

Kitchener Ont

target-banner-logo copyKitchener: Target Therapeutics

Excited to have joined the amazing team of professionals headed by Dr. Martin Dziak D.C. at the Target Therapeutics Clinic.

Mondays 10am-5pm, Wednesdays 10am-9pm, Thursdays 10am-12pm.  


Located on : 230 East Avenue, Suite 101, Kitchener, Ontario N2H 1Z4

Stratford Ont

Zen Needle Logo - for websiteStratford: Private Practice

Practicing Acupuncture @ the multidisciplinary clinic ‘The space within

located on: 35 Market Pl, Stratford. | http://thespacewithin.ca/

Every Friday 11am-9pm


New Hamburg Ont

Zen Needle Logo - for websiteNew Hamburg: Private Practice

Thursdays 1pm-5pm.

Practicing Acupuncture @ the multidisciplinary clinic: Affinity Health Clinic

located on: 3 Waterloo Street, New Hamburg (Corner of Waterloo Street and Huron Street – on the 2nd floor).




Guelph Ont


Practicing Acupuncture @ the multidisciplinary clinic: Robin’s Nest Family Care.

Which is located on: 319 Woolwich St.Guelph, ON.

Tuesdays: 10am-5pm.



More Information

Conditions treated by Traditional Chinese Medicine

Here are a few examples to some of the conditions that Acupuncture & TCM can help with:

  • Stress & Hypertension.
  • Pain & Structural Issues.
  • Digestive Conditions.
  • Emotional Conditions (Depression & Anxiety).
  • Allergies (Allergic rhinitis).
  • Increase your Energy Level and help you Sleep better.
  • Support certain Women’s Health conditions (Dysmenorrhoea, Ferility, Urinary tract infections and more)
  • Preventative Medicine, to help maintain your health and sense of well being.
  • Better manage certain Chronic Conditions* ( Diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis and more).

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