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Acupuncture and Pain ReliefChronic pain can be very tiring to bear and with time can cause issues with sleep and affect your mood.

Acute injury can also affect our ability to function and cause a great deal of suffering, it is important to treat acute injuries so they will not turn into chronic ones.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine quite often there is background condition, a deficiency, a weakness in an area in the body that precedes an injury. When a physical trauma happens it usually manifest where things are tight, malnourished and deficient.

The aim of an acupuncture treatment is to target these deficiencies in your body, open the meridian flow to those areas so they could be nourished by your energy system, to lower inflammation and increase the ability of your body on an enegetic level to heal.

Regular acupuncture treatments, exercising regularly in a low impact type of exercise, lowering stress in your life, having a balanced nutrition, stretching and keeping yourself well hydrated can prevent injury and help you heal quicker in case an injury has occurred.

My approach to treating pain and structural conditions

  • Using gentle structural techniques to balance the alignment of your body (pelvis, lower back & sacro-iliac joint) and improve mobility of these areas.
  • Going through a full TCM Assessment (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to recognize constitution tendencies and internal organs / meridians Imbalances, using questions, Pulse and tongue diagnosis.
  • Adding Japanese abdominal diganosis to get further infromation to what is going on in your body.
  • Treatment according to the TCM assessment using gentle and precise acupuncture techniques.

The gentle approach

I believe in using a very gentle to a minimal needle stimulation, since most people that live the western life style are Qi deficient and many times blood deficient with weak digestive system a very gentle stimulation is appropriate and has a tonifying affect on your body’s Qi system.